APEX Environmental Solutions is a unique, family-owned and operated integrated pest-management business servicing the South Florida hospitality industry, as well as all types of commercial businesses, residential homes, including lawn care services.

Our company and technicians are licensed by the Department of Agriculture in the State of Florida, and insured. Our Certified Service Operator has over 30 years plus experience in commercial and residential pest control, specializing in large hotels, motels, condominiums, hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores and schools.

What sets up apart from other pest control companies is, customizing our services to tailor to your needs and our approach to working out solutions for you, our customer.

We are not just a pest-control company. We are an integrated pest-management company. We take an ecological approach to pest elimination that combines understanding various causes of pest outbreaks, manipulating crop ecosystems for pest control, structural and sanitation improvements, monitoring pest populations and their life cycles to determine if and when, the use of pesticides is necessary.

In this day and age, protecting our ever-changing environment, our people that live within it and reducing carbon footprints for generations to come is Job One; from taking care of pests in and around your home or business, to keeping your trees, grass, and shrubbery colorful, green and healthy. We treat you like family, and we will always go that extra mile to make sure you are satisfied.

Our staff is always working hard for you, and we have zero tolerance for pest infestation of any kind. We will do everything in our power to achieve this by providing first-class service and guaranteeing our work. Our goal is your total satisfaction and keeping your establishment free of all unwanted pests and vermin.

Our quality control standards go above and beyond state-established requirements for pest-control technicians. At Apex, we strive to be the pinnacle in our industry; hence our name: APEX Environmental Solutions!